Artist John Tiney coffee bean painting

John Tiney now works predominantly in paint and print from his studio in South London. Tiney interrogates unexpected and overlooked visual data, before copying, pasting and re-assembling these references into complex compositions that reflect a similar creative process to editing found moving images in the making of video art.


As we are surrounded by a visual hum of clipart, logos, direction signs, adverts and backdrops. John Tiney paints visual cues that are hiding in plain sight and brings them into the focus. Historic and contemporary references are funnelled into Tiney’s artworks. Paint smears, corporate logos, ‘how to draw guides, infographics, caricatures, pop culture references, coffee beans, tea-cups, beer cans and neon colours spill forwards; captured in paint and expressed skilfully through a curious but sympathetic blend of gestural, representational, printed and graphic mark-making as Tiney dedicates himself to the articulation of new painting approaches.

A young contemporary gallery supporting Northern,working class & under-represented artists.