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Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards is a London based artist and Chelsea graduate.
He uses a variety of media with a particular interest on how methods of presentation and production influence the perception of works. Over 20 years of working to perfect the delivery, framing and finishing of artworks for artists have heavily influenced his thinking around the ability of material and finish, to transform or position an artwork.

Elements of perfection, intricacy and consideration seeped into all aspects of his creative practice and became a counterpoint for expressing the artists sentiments and opinions, through works that are both personal and political. His works in materials such as paper, card or perspex demonstrate a fragility and vulnerability through the nature of the material; reclaimed by the precision of the production process, providing the artist with a sense of agency over his anxieties.

Residencies such as ‘The Art in Manufacturing’ produced works under the title ‘We Can Do More.’ Examining the manufacturing processes of Senator Group, where Edwards extended his practice through collaboration with the factory, by bringing the precision of factory fabrication into his work.

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